Facilities - Center for Innovation in the Arts

Music Technology Center is a three-room production suite located adjacent to the Willson Theater. The cutting-edge facility provides students with the opportunity to have hands-on training and experience with industry-standard recording, composing, and performing technologies. Each room in the Music Technology Center is modular, allowing for creative use of space and technology.

Mix and Record Suite
At the heart of the center is a Euphonix MC Pro workstation that controls a Macintosh computer system loaded with a wide array of software and virtual instruments. The main control room overlooks a 400-square-foot floating-floor live room, which is equipped with a Yamaha C7 grand piano. Classes in Film Scoring and Music Production are taught in the Mix and Record rooms. Students enrolled in C.I.A. classes have the opportunity to compose, record, and mix their own compositions.

The Playroom is an open-space room dedicated to using digital technology in live performance. It houses our MIDI and custom-built instruments, a modular and portable surround sound speaker system, and a workbench to develop new technologies. This room may also be used as a second live room when patched into the Mix Room.