The oboe faculty has designed a comprehensive curriculum, covering orchestral, solo, and étude repertoire, as well as reed making, oboe repair, and training on the English horn. The three teachers–Elaine Douvas, Nathan Hughes, and Richard Dallessio–and visiting instructor Linda Strommen function as a team and foster a supportive group atmosphere. In addition to having weekly lessons with Ms. Douvas or Mr. Hughes, there is also a group oboe class that meets three hours per week, rotating topics and instructors, so students receive instruction from all of the teachers. As an oboe student, you will benefit from hearing each other play and observing the instruction of your fellow students.

As an oboe student at The Juilliard School, you will take the following classes:

  • Orchestral literature class, once a month, with Nathan Hughes: 50 complete works, 2-year rotation; a thorough study of the complete part and full score is made to gain an in-depth knowledge of this repertoire.
  • Étude class, once per month, with Elaine Douvas: entire Barret and Ferling methods, 2-4 year cycle, learn universal musical principles through études, prepare to be effective teachers.
  • English horn with Richard Dallessio; four private lessons, four classes, English horn required on jury exams.
  • Reed making, 1 class each teacher. Juilliard reed room allows work in small groups, to help each other progress more quickly. Detailed written material.
  • Repair class, 2 per year: adjustment screws, crack gluing, pads, springs, cleaning and tuning of tone holes, essential skills to play oboe fluently, handle emergencies, become expert teachers.
  • Audition preparation: 3 placement auditions/year, 2 oboe, 1 English horn, using screen, 8-semester rotation of rep.
  • Annual Oboe Class recital; each student performs a short solo work.
  • Guest master classes, 2 times per year.

We believe this well organized plan of study will help you master all of your repertoire and skills.